From a single page to a large project, anything is possible!

Mary works for clients worldwide, translating websites, brochures, press releases, internal documents, newsletters, contracts, user manuals, catalogs, and more.

She is an active member of la Société française des traducteurs and the American Translators Association and has access to a network of language professionals to build a team for substantial French to English projects or to help you find the right match in other language combinations.

Why choose WordStyle?

When you work with a freelance translator, you benefit from competitive rates and highly personalized service.

Each client, product, and target market is unique. Using her experience in both the French and American cultures, Mary will help you create a high-quality end product while expressing the nuances of the original document.

She adheres to deadlines and maintains strict confidentiality at all times.

Contact Mary for a per-word or hourly estimate.